The First Guards Division is a division in the Guards Army, a sub-division of the Aleksanian Army. It is considered the greatest houner in the Aleksanian Army to become a part of the First Guards Division.

First Guards Division
Первая гвардейская дивизия
The Unit Patch of the First Guards Division

January 6, 1902 - December 29, 1929

April 20, 1931 - December 12, 1941

September 17, 1945 - Current
Country Republic of Aleksania
Branch Army
Type Infantry - Ceremonial
Part Of Aleksanian Guards Army
Garrison/HQ Aleksania City, Republic of Aleksania
Commander Colonel Ihor Oliynuk


Founded in January 1902, the First Guards Division was originaly formed with the purpose of being the Guards for the Aleksanian Royal Family. It was orriginaly commanded by Major Peter Titov, and had 90 soldiers and 10 officers. It served as the Royal Families faithful escort until 1929, when all but 1 of it's members died defending the Royal Family from capture. It was then reformed in April 1931, under the command of Major George White. Then on January 18, 1942, the last member of the Guards was killed, despite being officaly disbaned on December 12, 1941. After 3 years without someone under its flag, it was reformed as a cerimonial division by the new Aleksanian Government, a role which it has faithfuly served through the present.


Mosin–Nagant Model 1891/30 (Cermonial Only)

HK33A3 (Active Duty)