Betneset a Tel
Qytet ë Betneset-ë-Teje
Munici Betneset a Tel
جَبَلٌأق يهو كنيسة
Mayor Imran Pasha
64.74 sq mi
64.74 sq mi
0.0 sq mi
  –Total (as of 2000)
Municipality & Township
2,505.2/sq mi
Time zone
  –Summer (DST)
East Africa Time (UTC+3)
East Africa Time (UTC+3)
Official website:

Betneset a Tel (Albanian: Qytet ë Betneset-ë-Teje, Malen: Munici Betneset a Tel, Arabic: جَبَلٌأق يهوأق كنيسة Kanīsa as-Yahúdi as-Jabal) is a city in Northern Malenia. The name comes from the Malen "Synagogue upon the Hill". It is the capital of the Hebrew Administrative Republic of Malenia

Demographics Edit

The 2009 Citizen's Survey of Malenia noted a population of 162,187.

The population was 40.2% Hebrew, 24.6% Dhes or Malen, 18.3% Albanian, 2.4% Sudanese, and 14.5% of other ethnicities. 82.3% of the city was Jewish, 6.3% of the city was Atheist, 4.8% of the city was Muslim, 1.4% of the city was Roman Catholic and 5.2% were from another religion.

The median household income in the city was $27,001 (L 2,490,572) and $35,919 (L 3,313,168)  for families. The per capita income for the city was $12,559 (L 1,158,442). 18.6% of the population was below the national poverty line.

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