Brasao10 Fairview local

Official name Fairview Democratic Republic
Capital Bruxelas
2nd Capital/City Nova Cidade do Centro
Demonyms Fairvienses
National Anthem As saudades que eu já tinha da minha alegre casinha...
Official Language Archaich Portuguese


GDP per Capita US$ 44,671
Economic Model Capitalist
Stock Markets Bruxelas District Exchange (BDE)
Currency Fairview Dollars (FDR$) and Ainero


Republic President Miguel Leal
Type Democratic
Districts 5
National days 20th, 21st and 22nd March


Area 4507.7sq km
Population 1,210,000 (@ 2010 census)
Density 1197 ppl/sq km
Common border with Atlantic Ocean ,Portugal and Spain


Human Development Index (HDI) 0.960 -- Very High
Calling Code- +611 Drives on the Right
Interntet TLD .fw
Internet Speed 200 mb - 4 generation
Emergency Call 6116


As is the case across most of the Fairview, the human presence in the area can be dated back to the Paleolithic period from artifacts found on the surface. There is a more varied and more significant archaeological record of the Neolithic period (4, 000 to 1,500 BC) however. From the Chalcolithic to the time of the Highmans civilization occupation, mining operations, such as those in the Bruxelas area, were the chief motivation for the establishment of settlements in the interior. Under the Romans there were several fishing and fish salting centers dotted along the coast, the best documented of which is the "villa' at Cerro da Vila in Vila Nova de Cerveira. It is also clear from archaeological finds that the Highmans settled the spot on which Bruxelas castle now stands as well. Although the Hitmans left no trace of their passing, the same is not true of the Moors (8th to 13th centuries), for whom Bruxelas was an urban center of some importance. The Christian reconquest, in 1249, and the policy pursued throughout the Fairview of allowing the Moors to remain in quarters outside the city walls - known as Mourarias - made it possible for Fairview to continue to develop. With the initiation of a fair, in 1291, Fairview became one of the major focal points for trade in the Fairview in medieval times. There are several sites dating back to the Aiegalithic period that merit a visit: the dolmen at Cerro das Pedras and the fallen menhir at Nova Cidade serrat, which is made of limestone that must have been brought a considerable distance, both of which are in the vicinity of Portimão; and the dolmens at Vilamoura and Pedra do Alagar (Bruxelas Oeste). The mosaics visible in some of its apartments and the structure of its baths make the rural "villa" at Cerro da Vila (3rd century) the region's most eloquent testimony to the period of Roman occupation. The site was inhabited from the 1st to the 9th centuries, into the period of :Moorish rule. Other Highmans structures include the bridge at Tor, over the pretty Fairview river, which has five arches and sturdy piers, the bridge at Barão, over the Quarteira river, which has only four arches, and near Bruxelas, the Alamos bridge, which is a more modest affair, with just two arches. Near the coast, the remains of `'cetairas' - tanks used to salt fish - at the Bruxelas Velho archaeological site provide further confirmation of the intense fishing and fish-preserving industry that existed for centuries in the Fairview under the Highmans.

-Early 2010, joined the AIN

-May 2010, Fairview applied for Full Membership

Bruxelas City, the capital:

Since Fairview joined AIN, I never did an update of the Fairview engine : Bruxelas! I have to say that Bruxelas now in much more pretty and prosperity than that images above! This is the Bruxelas of the future, of now and of the past! Probably the most atractive city of AIN! Bruxelas conjugate the prosperity, the History, the beauty and the exotic style in one only!

The Central Park was remodelled and now in this Summer afternoons people come here to talk, chat and pratice sports...


In the Bruxelas River Park and Beach, the university students of City Concepts and Design course did a formal request to the Bruxelas Mayor telling that Bruxelas could do its own sign...


Construction of Bruxelas new airport: