Kardal Yazaký, Кардал Язакйий
Pronunciation [kɑrdɑːl jɑ'zɑːk'jɪj]
Spoken in Kardalistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia
Region Central Asia
Total speakers 11.3 million
Ranking 65
Language family Altaic
Writing system Cyrillic, Latin
Official status
Official language in Kardalistan
Regulated by No official regulation
Language codes
ISO 639-1 ky
ISO 639-2 kar
ISO 639-3 kar

Kardal (pronounced [kɑrdɑːl]; natively Kardal Yazaký [kɑrdɑːl jɑ'zɑːk'jɪj]) is a Turkic language with about 11.3 million speakers. It is the majority language in Kardalistan and a minority in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the United States.

Official Status Edit

Kardal is the official language of Kardalistan. It is an official language of the partially recognized Mazhaiq Republic. Kardal is taught in every school in Kardalistan (including Mazhaiq) per the Gmitstororuz Decree of 1992. The language is quickly internationalizing, gaining attention in American universities and schools in Central Asia.

Examples Edit

Basic Greetings Edit

  • Dobrin Shstadi - Good Morning
  • Dobryl Gan - Good Day
  • Dobryl Gesım - Good Evening
  • Kasheragedaieai - Hello/Greetings
  • Szımýen - Hi
  • Hoschýaol - Goodbye
  • Ýoru - Bye

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