Republic of Kardalistan
Засйл Емин Кардал
Zasıl Emin Kardal
Flag of Kardalistan Coat of arms of Kardalistan
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Ayrım etnikh birlaket bıslitkin
(English: "Ethnic seperation brings us together")
Anthem: Charsi, Charsi, bu vatıliz azik dasılırız
(English: "March, march, troops of the homeland")
[[Image:{{{image_map}}}|298px|center|Location of Kardalistan]]
Largest city
Official language(s) Kardal
Senatura yulsım
Senatary Republic
Garlımız Charitıv
Murılla Sustaf

9 November 1991
 • 2008 est.
 • 2000 census
17,812,000 (- in union)
 • Total
 • Per capita
2008 estimate
$291.0 Billion (- in union)
$16,336 (- in union)
HDI 0.863 – high
Currency Kardal Tenge (KDT)
Simlympic code KAR

Kardalistan, officially the Republic of Kardalistan (Kardal: Засйл Емин Кардал, Zasil Emin Kardal, Advanadha: Kàŕdàl Zhàshűik-haśle-dàu, Kazakh: Republikasi Kardalistanim, Russian: Цевнаша Республика, Chevnasha Respublica) is a country in Central Asia. It borders Petrova to the West, Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the east and Turkmenistan to the south. It is best known for it's mountains and it's heavy industry. However, it's economic centers such as Vadi and Kolız are quickly growing.

History Edit

See Also: Kardal Khanates, Empire of Russia, Kazakh SSR

Early History Edit

Soviet Era Edit

Kardalistan Today Edit

See also Mazhaiq Republic

Major Cities Edit

  • Qarsıdırin - Capital and Largest City.
  • Vadi - Kardalistan's commerce capital
  • Acatao - A large city in the western deserts
  • Kolız - Kardalistan's most historic city and home to many of the richer people in the country

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