Keiv (Prononced: ˈkiː.aɪv ; Russian: Кииыв, Kiyv) is a city in the Republic of Aleksania. In recent years, Keiv has had a large economic and population growth, making it the fastest growing city in Aleksania.


The city of Keiv was founded on May 25, 1874 by Thomas McGullan, on the site of the now destroyed Fort Keiv. The city as of 1880 had 105 people living in it. For the first 25 years, the city remained stagnent, with only 124 people in the 1890 census. Then, in 1899, the city became a boom town when prospectors found copper in the foothills around Keiv. By 1900, the city had 1,936 people living their, with up to an estimated 3,000 people camping in the city who worked in the mines but were not perminant residents. To be continued....