Kingdom Of Hypertrophy Edit

Kingdom of Hypertrophy is a series of island that make up a nation, just 714 miles west of the mainland North America. The nation has become a major influence of the Western Hemisphere. (Aside from United States, Mexico, and Canada) It's capital Hypertrophy; City of is known as the west coast city of the west coast. More than 38 million people reside in the kingdom and the island nation has a rich; interesting history.

History Edit

Kingdom of Hypertrophy was originally founded by the Native American tribes. They settle in kingdom before Eurasian Settlers made their way to the kingdom. The Nashan Tribe settle in the peninsula section of what is present day Hypertrophy. The tribes' economy relied on the sea and the fruits of the land, until 1790. In the Summer of 1790, Russian Merchants sailed into the Hypertrophy Bay and established trade with Nashan Indian Tribe. The relationship between the Russians and Nashan Tribes remained mutual. The City of Hypertrophy was founded and with in years the city has grown.

American Settlers didn't establish their lives in Hypertrophy until the 1840's. However, in 1823 the Monroe Doctrine was introduced and in seven months after Russia signed a treaty to hand over the nation of Hypertrophy to the United States. While the treaty remained in effect, Russian settlers were allowed to come and go as they were pleased in Hypertrophy. There was a mutual agreement between the two nations, where as today. Both Russia and the United States remain friends with the Kingdom of Hypertrophy. There was some establishments around other locations of the Hypertrophy Kingdom between the 1820's through the 1840's. However, the kingdom didn't experience and explosion of the population until the 1850's, when the "Gold Rush" began and it was rumored that Hypertrophy became the next boom. But instead, it was next folly. The Gold boom died in 1853, just 2 years before the California Gold Rush ended. Gold wasn't found in Hypertrophy until 1910's after its independence.

During the 1860's Ft. Hypertrophy was a safe haven for Civil war deserters that made it from San Fancisco to Hypertophy. Both Union and Confederate Soldiers made their new lives in the Hypertrophy region. The deserters of both the Union and Confederate Army were treaty more fairly than their homeland. After the Civil War, many of the veterans moved out the United States to settle in Ft. Matejcek, and Gartlan Area. Kingdom of Hypertrophy was growing so fast, that it asked for statehood of the United States in 1887. But United States Congress denied them the right of statehood, because they island nation served no importance nor any kind of value the United States. This left the citizens feel very bitter for the next fifteen years, after receiving a speech from President Benjamin Harrison and the congress. Angry sentiments from the Hypertrophians began a change of a new era. They decided to become independent. In 1896 thy have asked for independency from the United States and they were denied once. But on March 1, 1897 Hypertrophy recieved its independence from the United States just 3 days befor William McKinley became ignagurated as president of the United States. Hypertrophy soon began to grow after its independence from 1900's through the 1930's there was a boom of population and economics.

to be continued.....