Knights FC is the only active football team for the Republik-Stadt. (Republic City)

Logo of the Republik Stadt Knights

Overview Edit

Republik Stadt Knights FC are the newest football club to enter the IFV. Formed in 2010, the Knight FC are made up almost entirely of free agents from UEFA. Other than McHarrow and Aljaard (both played on Tirnreich national team) only Hanson and Terroe (rookies) are the odd men out. Despite low team chemistry, the Knights have show significant growth in practice and friendly scrimmages.

Stadium Edit

Simlympic Stadium is currently being built. It is one of the most state of the art stadiums in the country, and the newest. While the stadium is under construction, Knights FC play at Oranje Park, a stadium colored and named after Oranje Economics, a Dutch consultant firm. At Simlympics time, Simlympic Stadium will house over 92,000 people.

Roster Edit

GK: Bartholomew Sheridan
DEF: Vance McHarrow, Otto Aljaard, Gabe Yorek, Alexander Poe
MF: Projko Jublanski, Henri Veucroix, Chase Quren, Lucas Terroe
FWD: Kale Bose, Jerri Hanson, Harold Hundman


The Knights logo is a Teutonic Knight riding in the middle field of a tri-colour-esque shield of white and orange. Atop the shield, reads: Knights FC. A cross with a single cross on its rim adorns the very top.

Mastcot Edit

The Teutonic Knight was chosen as the mascot for Knights FC due to they're ferocious and pan-Europoean involvement in the Crusades.