Malen (Mal'yaen mitzspracche or Mal'yēn mitzspraće) is a widely-spoken language in Malenia and Israel based partially on the Hebrew language. Diaspora also places miniscule minorities of speakers in Sudan, Iraq, Serbia, Albania, Germany, and the United States.

Alphabet Edit

Latin Latin II IPA Hebrew Name Example
Aa Aa אַ al hetzva (bird)
Bb Bb ב betneset (synagogue)
Cc Cc עץ chutzpe (arrogancy)
Ćć CCH cch x ח mispoće (family)
Dd Dd ד yalad (child)
Đđ DZ dz דזש đruzmjt (rectangle)
Ee Ee ע tremyće (bay)
Ēē Ae אַיי ēdež (Yiddish)
Ęę EH eh ə יי chutzpę (arrogancy)
Ff Ff פֿ yomn ye

f (Wednesday)

Gg Gg טשע grutk (gutter)
Hh Hh ה hē'ivl
Ii Ii יִ Isrē'l
Jj Jj י Joel
Kk Kk ק Alshek (gold)
Ll Ll ל lafvt (law)
Mm Mm מ mispoće (family)
Nn Nn נ noćter (ninety-nine)
Oo Oo אָ yomn yoed (thursday)
Pp Pp פּ Pę'će'đan (Pakistan)
Qq Qq קיוּ Qiryat (town)
Rr Rr ר shuremoh (rocket)
Ss Ss שׂ Isrēl (Israel)
Tt Tt ט
Uu Uu ו shek
Vv Vv בֿ
Xx Xx עהכּז
Yy Yy ɛ ע
Zz Zz ז
Žž ZH zh זש

Grammar Edit

The Malen language uses the concept of 'to exist' and 'to have' as verbs, similar to the French 'etre' and 'ai'.

Singular Singular Posessive Plural Plural Posessive
masculine feminine masculine feminine masculine feminine masculine feminine
va se em se va naf em naf yem lad yal lad yem naf sa yal naf sa
He is She is He has She has They are They are They have They have

For example:

  • He is a large man: Va se tem arom mevehl
  • He has a large car: Va naf tem automobil mevehl
  • They are a large city: Yem lad tem municia mevehla
  • They have a large cow: Yem naf sa tem par mevehla
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
tem drel kafl yef yoed saf sef ect noct hēivl
eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty
temhēi drelhēi kaflhēi yefhēi yodhēi safhēi sefhēi hēi-ect nocthēi drevl
thirty fourty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety one-hundred one thousand one million
kafvl yevl yovl savl sevl ectvl ter tem vir tem shmef tem alk

Time is told by clearly stating the amount of hours, then minutes:

Va se drel heur et yef-yovl ževm
It is two hours and fifty-four minutes.

History Edit

See Also: Historical Malen language

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