Queen Alexandra the Fifth, Monarch of Cattala since 1994.

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Nobility in CattalaEdit

Title Current Holders
Monarch of Cattala and Defender of the Realm Queen Alexandra the Fifth
Prince/Princess of the Kingdom and Descendent of the Lord Amadeus Prince Edward of Roumeli, Prince John, Princess Margaret
Duke/Duchess of the Realm and Sworn Servant of the Monarch Duke Lucian Vaas and the Vaas Family
Count/Countess of the Realm and Sworn Servant of the Monarch Counts/Countesses of the Seven Provinces (12 in total)
Lord Viscount of the Realm and the Citizens of the Realm Current and Former Senators
Knight/Dame of the Union and Defender of the Sovereignty Beneficiaries of the Honours List (1963 onwards, 462 in total)

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