The Political Division of Malenia is as follows in hierarchy:

  • Nation: The unified nation as a whole.
  • Republic: A large administrative area ran as it's own country inside Malenia, but pertains to many national laws and is intentionally not recognized by any member of the United Nations.
  • County: An area of land division that contains many cities, townships and prefectures and does not hold city status.
  • Prefecture: An area of mostly rural land that may contain multiple townships, but no cities, and does not hold city status.
  • Township: A mostly rural area where urban settlements exist as a small minority that holds city status.
  • City: An area of land with a majority urban area that holds city status.

Republics Edit

There are 6 republics in Malenia. Each is allowed to pass laws with national consent, but are also tied to national laws and are not legally eligible for independence. The six republics are:

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