Territory of Saint Vincent
Territorie de Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent Saint Vincent CoA
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Our Island, Our Home
Anthem: None
Location st vincent
Largest city
Saint Vincent
Saint Vincent
Official language(s) English


Chief Minister
Justin Crane

 • 2010 est.
 • 2010 census
80,000 (- in union)
 • Total
 • Per capita
- estimate
- (- in union)
- (- in union)
HDI - – -
Currency Arcacian Dollar (ARD)
Simlympic code -

Saint Vincent is an external territory of Arcacia located in the Saint Vincent Fracture Zone of the Southern Ocean, roughly half way between Tasmania and Antarctica. The sub-Antarctic climate means that Saint Vincent enjoys a perpetual Winter, with temperatures in Summer rarely climbing above 4°C, and in Winter it rarely gets below -2°C. This narrow temperature range not only makes skiing possible year round, it also means that the Winter is not so severe as to be unbearable.

Saint Vincent-1266369302

Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent-22 Feb., 021266368865

Saint Vincent township

Saint Vincent-27 Feb., 021266368880

Civic Square in Saint Vincent township

Westfall-17 Jan., 011266369077

Westfall ski fields

North Coast-17 Nov., 011266369155

Mount Slater ski fields

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