Kiryas Soleh
Mayor Malik Degala
16.2 sq mi
15.1 sq mi
1.1 sq mi
  –Total (as of 2000)
8192.9/sq mi
Time zone
  –Summer (DST)
East Africa Time (UTC+3)
East Africa Time (UTC+3)
Official website:
Solah (Etzi: isiSolah-mgawe, Malen: Kiryas Soleh, Albanian: Soljë katunde) is a city in southern Malenia.

Demographics Edit

The 2009 Citizen's Survey of Malenia noted a population of 132,725.

The population was 36.8% Congolese, 23.4% Albanian, 21.6% Dhes or Malen, 7.1% Sudanese, and 11.1% of other races.

The median household income in the city was $1,314 (L 125,789) and $1,699 (L 162,645)  for families. The per capita income for the city was $641 (L 61,362). 87.2% of the population was below the national poverty line.

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